Marukoma Hot Spring Hotel: Marvel at the Panoramic View From a Historic Hotel on Lake Shikotsu – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

First established during the Taisho era (1912 –1926), this little-known hot spring hotel has lodged famous people from a variety of fields. It is located on Lake Shikotsu, which boasts rich and evocative natural scenery. Stay in one of two sets of historic guestrooms, each offering up different yet equally stunning views: the lakeside and the mountainside. When you start to get hungry, don’t pass up this hotel’s red salmon from Lake Shikotsu, locally called “chippu.” It is served in sashimi form, cooked whole, or in other simple dishes that bring out its fresh flavors!  While here, guests can relax in open-air hot spring baths that are at the same water level as the lake and take in the beautiful panoramic view that reflects the loveliest changes of the seasons. The hot spring water, which is clear and colorless like the lake, is referred to as “heating water.” It is particularly known for its powerful insulting effects. Whether on a day trip or as a hotel guest, be sure to soak in these healing hot springs!

Marukoma Hot Spring Hotel

7 poropinai, Chitose, Hokkaido