Matsumae Bluefin Tuna: The Ultimate Bluefin Tuna from the Tsugaru Strait – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Held in late September

Matsumae faces the Tsugaru Strait and has been garnering attention as one of the leading producers of tuna in Japan. Bluefin tuna fishing on the Tsugaru Strait happens from Summer to Autumn. The quality of tuna is greatly affected by how it is handled after it is caught, but Matsumae tuna undergoes an ikijime (humane method of killing) process on the boat immediately, resulting in highly sought-after cuts in Japan’s most famous markets, like Tsukuji in Tokyo. The Matsumae Tuna Festival is held every September and features the ultimate cut of tuna loaded with the fat that makes it so famous. Don’t miss the carving show which gives you a rare chance to see the brilliant cutting techniques of master chefs!

Matsumaejoka Maguro Matsuri

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