Meeting the Joman People at the Kakinoshima Jomon Archaeological Site – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Come and visit this important archaeological site, overlooking the Pacific Ocean! As you will discover, excavation at Kakinoshima demonstrates the long-term settlement of Jomon people in the area from 7000 to 1000 BCE. It also confirms the existence of a technologically and spiritually rich society in Hokkaido in this period. Many key historical artifacts have already been discovered here, including some of the world’s oldest lacquerware, which dates back 9,000 years. The ritual earth mounds, another feature of this site, total about 190 meters in length and are some of the biggest in the country. Visitors to the Kakinoshima Jomon Archeological Site will travel back in time to prehistoric Japan!

Kakinoshima Jomon Archaeological Site