Miraku Rishiri Ramen: A Bowl of Happiness, Crafted from Fresh Local Produce – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Miraku Rishiri Ramen is famous for its delectable and deeply-flavored soup broth made from Ririshi kelp matured for three years and a bone and vegetable broth extracted over the course of 8 hours. This soup, rich in both body and depth, has long attracted the attention of local media so make sure to grab a bowl when in Rishiri! Each bowl is the product of keen attention to detail, such as the use of thick curled noodles from famed supplier Nishiyama Seimen to the bamboo shoots lovingly poached in kelp stock. Don’t miss the Yaki Shoyu Ramen, pictured, for just ¥880!

Miraku Rishiri Ramen (Main Branch)

 67 Hommachi, Rishi-cho, Rishi-gun, Hokkaido