Misogi-no-Furusato Kikonai Roadside Station: A Hub for Donan Information, Food, and Souvenirs – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Built in front of the Kikonai Station when the Hokkaido Shinkansen was opened, Misogi-no-Furusato Kikonai Roadside Station provides tourists with a wealth of information about the area. Acting as a gateway to the nine towns in the southwestern part of the region, the site also offers a tourism concierge and sells a variety of specialty products from each town. The most popular item at their takeout corner is the soft-serve ice cream, made with Misogi-no-shio, or sea salt. Looking to have a bite? Check out the restaurant serving authentic Italian cuisine!

Misogi-no-Furusato Kikonai Roadside Station

338-14 Aza Honmachi, Kikonai-cho, Kamiiso-gun, Hokkaido