Mount Usu and Mount Nishiyama Base Crater Walkway: Time Travel Back to March 2000 – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Traverse Mount Usu and Mount Nishiyama’s Base Crater Walkway to see a site frozen in March 2000. This 1.6-kilometer walkway has been left as it was found when Mount Usu last erupted at the turn of the century. Witness for yourself the destructive power of nature. The land beneath your feet looks cracked and uneven, destroyed buildings dot the area, and knocked-over electric poles litter the path. At the end of the trail lies the beautiful Nishishinzan Pond, created through a collection of rainwater in one of the volcano’s remaining craters. Gazing upon the pond’s watery depths will leave a lasting impression. Be sure to check out the nearby Toyako Visitor Center and Volcano Science Museum to learn more about the science of volcanic eruptions and the history of Lake Toya.

Mount Usu and Mount Nishiyama Crater Walkway