Mount Usu Ropeway: Your Ride to the Top of an Active Volcano – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Mount Usu, an active volcano that has erupted only 4 times in the last 100 years, offers trekkers stunning views of the surrounding landscape. From the base of the mountain, take a 6-minute ropeway ride to the summit. As you ascend, be on the lookout for Lake Toya and Mount Yotei, two incredible sights not to be missed! Once you arrive at the top, take in the panoramic views of Mount Showashinzan. Walk along another path to the Crater Basin Observation Deck and get a close-up view of the Ginnuma crater and Kousu lava dome. Before you head back down, be sure to check out the “volcano village” where visitors can learn about the history of the past four eruptions, experience them in the “eruption experience room”, and learn about disaster prevention. If you’re hungry, be sure to grab a bite at the restaurant and visit the souvenir store.