Mugioto: Local Ingredients Make for Out-of-this-World Baked Goods – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Operated by the long-established Tokachi baker Masuya (formed in 1950), this bakery is situated on extensive grounds with a large wheat field and garden. Its bread, baked in an open kitchen, uses 100% Tokachi-produced wheat. Other ingredients, such as the adzuki beans, are specially selected Tokachi produce. The bakery actively promotes local production for local consumption and prides itself on maintaining a strong relationship with the community. Mugioto also strives to be sustainable, for instance, the wood pellets used as fuel for the stone oven are recycled from local timber. Be sure to stop by this famed site and relax in the café where you can sample some of their delicious products. Visitors in the Summer and Fall will also be treated to a farmer’s market!


Minami 8 Sen-16-43 Inadacho, Obihiro, Hokkaido