Mukawa Smelt: A Local Delicacy with a Bold Flavor – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Smelt, a Hokkaido specialty, lives off the Pacific Coast. The smelt found around the town of Mukawa in particular are known to have a bold taste, a delightful aroma, and a succulent texture. The name “Mukawa smelt” has become synonymous with quality, and every year, this area of Hokkaido attracts many visitors who come looking for a taste of this delicious fish. During the fishing season from October through November, provisioners of Mukawa smelt will hang their wares up to dry on bamboo screens making this scene unique to the Mukawa landscape. Fantastically fresh smelt sushi can only be enjoyed during the Fall season, so be sure to book a trip to Mukawa to sample the best of this local delicacy!