Naitai Kogen Farm: The Largest Public Farm in Japan – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Naitai Kogen Farm in Kamishihoro, Tokachi area, is Japan’s largest public farm with an area of around 1,700 hectares. On this vast plain, there are around 2,000 cows leisurely munching grass and leading pleasant lives. The wide-open feeling you get from the vastness of the scenery is typical of Hokkaido’s landscapes, unique in all of Japan. It is said that looking at the greenery stretching far to the horizon can cure tiredness and malaise. When you are done enjoying the magnificent view through the glass-walled observation deck, you can relax in Tenbo Cafe, which offers a delectable menu made from Tokachi ingredients, like soft-serve ice cream, and pour over coffee roasted on-site.

Naitai Kogen Farm

Higashi 3 Sen-238 Kamishihoro, Kato-gun, Hokkaido