Welcoming over twenty million passengers annually on domestic and international routes, New Chitose Airport is a key entryway to Hokkaido. The airport is home to a wealth of restaurants and shops offering Hokkaido ramen and seafood, a cinema, hot springs, and hotels.


ISHIYA CAFÉ New Chitose Airport Branch specializes in sweets and is directly managed by ISHIYA, an establishment known for their Shiroi Koibito sweets. Be sure to check out the exclusive Shiroi Parfait (¥1200), a tasty parfait topped with snow white cream only available at this branch. Those with a sweet tooth should pair their parfait with the delicious Ishiya strawberry pancake (¥1400) for a truly decadent snack! At Keyaki, a Sapporo miso ramen specialist restaurant, savor the exquisite ramen with a clear soup made with pork bones, chicken, and vegetables, boiled together for over 10 hours. In addition to the advertised miso ramen (¥920), you will also find a “northern luxuries ramen with crab” (¥1520).


Sapporo Miso Ramen Keyaki


Milk Stand Hokkaido Konosha is a milk specialist store where you can try milk (available from ¥160), drinkable yogurt, and farm-fresh ice cream (¥380) shipped directly from farms and producers throughout Hokkaido. The Sapporo western confectionaries shop, Kinotoya New Chitose Airport Branch, has their staple freshly baked cheese tarts (pack of six for ¥1080) that have a heavenly melt-in-your-mouth cheese mousse taste. Cookie lovers should not miss out on LaLaLa COOKIEs (pack of five for ¥1026) either. Available only at JA Biei in the airport is the Biei corn bread (pack of five for ¥1300) baked using the moisture and sweetness of sweetcorn. Their Biei bean bread (pack of five for ¥1300) is another airport exclusive to add to your basket. Fans of Hokkaido ramen should stop by Hokkaido Honpo and buy Hokkaido Meiten no Aji (pack of six for ¥2349) which is packed full of the flavors from popular Hokkaido ramen shops. Morimoto, a brand that originates from Chitose, connects the blessings of the land with producers and customers. One of their most popular souvenirs is a small cake filled with Haskapp berries, the Haskapp Jewelry white version MIX (pack of six for ¥1500), a product which can only be purchased from this airport branch.


JA Biei Biei senka

Hokkaido Honpo



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At Doraemon Waku Waku Sky Park, you can enjoy attractions themed after the famous Japanese animated character. The hotel, Portom International Hokkaido, is directly connected to the international terminal.

Doraemon Wakuwaku Sky park

Portom International Hokkaido

The charm of Hokkaido lies in its magnificent landscape and nature. After arriving at the airport, make full use of the various trains and busses or a rental car to get the most out of your trip.




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