Obihiro Airport: Your Access Point to the Tokachi Area – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Tokachi is known as one of the largest agricultural areas in Hokkaido for both crop and dairy farming.  Regular routes to Tokyo are in operation from this airport located in the central city of Obihiro.  You can also enjoy gourmet cuisine and shipping unique to this airport.


At Restaurant Heartfield don’t miss the delicious taste of their long-running pork rice bowl, “Tamura”.  The Tokachi specialty has a fresh aftertaste and is served with red ginger. This is a dish worth making a trip to enjoy here! A visit to Hokkaido would not be complete without seafood. Check out the Ama-ebi bowl which features plenty of plump, deep-water shrimp while the ikura bowl is a luxurious dish marrying succulent salmon roe and rice.  Even more popular is the soft-serve ice cream , a dessert unique to this dairy kingdom!

Restaurant Heartfield


A popular item at JALUX BLUE SKY is the Natural Cheesecake Hokkaido Fromage .  This is an original cheesecake made by blending 3 types of Hokkaido natural cheese: cream cheese, fresh cheese, mascarpone cheese.  Head to Fujimaru to check out their Milk Jam .  This is an exquisite item made carefully by experienced staff using milk from free-range cows and granulated sugar.  Try spreading it on toast and waffles, or add some to your morning tea!




Petit Mart MayQueen sells Taisho MayQueen Potatoes and Taisho Nagaimo potatoes direct from the farm. Agricultural products such as asparagus, corn, and melon are also on sale.

Petit Mart MayQueen

The charm of Hokkaido lies in its magnificent landscape and nature. After arriving at the airport, make full use of the various trains and busses or a rental car to get the most out of your trip.

Traveling from Tokachi-Obihiro Airport

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