Okatteya Moe – A Gift Shop Full of Delicious Rumoi Specialties – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

A gift shop full of Rumoi local specialties. Sells a wide variety of products, from fishery products, including kazunoko (herring roe marinated in seasoned dashi); snacks made from local ingredients; goods based on local mascot character KAZUMO-chan; and more. The rice ball called “Iso-musubi”, made with Rumoi-brand rice “Yumepirika” and containing pickled herring, kazunoko and tsukudani kelpnishin-no-nukazuke (herring pickled in rice bran), kazunoko (herring roe marinated in seasoned dashi), and kombu tsukudani (preserved konbu boiled down in soy sauce), is so popular that it always sells out. Also serves as Rumoi’s tourist information center, so has plenty of information about the area’s tourist spots.


Gift Shop Okatteya Moe

3-2-13, Sakae-machi, Rumoi-shi, Hokkaido