Okushiri Island: Enjoy Marine Sports and Fabulous Fish in Hokkaido’s Westernmost Island – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Okushiri Island is located in the Southwestern part of Hokkaido, easily accessible via a ferry from Esashi. This island is full of fascinating spots like “Nabetsuru Rock,” a rock worn down by the sea into a unique shape which is the symbol of the island. You can tour Okushiri Island by bus, hired car, rental car, or rental bicycle, or just spend your time wandering this natural paradise at your leisure. While on the island, be sure to join in some marine sports activities and savor delicious fresh seafood, like uni (sea urchin) and abalone. Also check out the winery, the first in Japan to operate on a remote island! If you enjoy fishing, why not conclude your trip with fishing for abalone in a fish preserve at the Port of Aonae? Don’t miss Okushiri Island’s beauty and countless fun activities!