Overlook the Picturesque Scenery of the Vast Tokachi Plain at the Nissho Pass Observatory – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Hokkaido’s Tokachi Plain is famous in Japan for its abundant agricultural productivity, as well as its vista-like scenery. Visitors passing through this area should stop by the Nissho Pass Observatory, located on the Western side of the Tokachi Plain at the base of a mountain next to Shimizu City. The combination of the breathtaking sunsets, mountain-views, and changing fall foliage will delight all sightseers. Nissho Pass is situated 1,022 meters above sea level and has been designated as a key point along National Route 274, a main roadway that connects Tokachi and Sapporo. The only caveat to this sightseeing spot is the frequency which it is closed due to adverse weather conditions, like dense fog and heavy snowfall. When planning to visit, be sure to check the traffic and weather conditions before you embark on your trip!