Pair Whiskey and Fresh Oysters at The Akkeshi Gourmet Park “Conchiglie” – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Michi no eki is a government-designated roadside station that doubles as a market for local produce. The Akkeshi Gourmet Park “Conchiglie,” a name derived from the Italian word for seashells, is a michi no eki best known for its fresh and tasty oysters. Most dishes served at this roadside restaurant feature oysters as the main attraction, and patrons can even grill freshly bought oysters in the building’s BBQ Corner. For something a bit classier, visitors can hit up the establishment’s oyster bar and dine on them raw while sipping local whisky from the nearby Akkeshi Distillery.


Akkeshi Gourmet Park “Conchiglie”

2 Chome-2 Suminoe, Akkeshi, Akkeshi-gun, Hokkaido