Panorama Road: A Popular Tourist Route with Amazing Scenery – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Visitors to the small town of Biei will immediately be struck by its awe-inspiring scenery. As you stroll around, take a moment to enjoy the patchwork hills and fields of flowers. A definite must-see spot is Panorama Road located between JR Biei Station and JR Bibaushi Station. This stretch has become a popular spot to gaze upon the gorgeous sprawling hills on the horizon. Pass by an iconic house with a red roof which sits in the middle of a field on the way to Shinei no Oka Tenbo Park, a sunset spot that attracts many in the late moments of the day. The quaintly beautiful pastoral landscapes of Biei, like the Bibaushi Elementary School with its triangular roof tower and the Shikisai no Oka with its expansive fields of flowers, await your visit.

Panorama Road

4-chome-6 Motomachi, Biei, Kamikawa, Hokkaido