Relax with Great Viws and Excellent View at Lake Toya Hot Springs – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

The Toyako Onsen area, located near the volcano Mt. Usu and the Mt. Showa-shinzan lava-dome, has an abundance of hotels and ryokan (traditional inns). This serene onsen (hot spring) town gives visitors an opportunity to relax in steamy, geothermal pools of water while enjoying amazing views of Lake Toya from their rooms. In fact, Lake Toya features more hot spring facilities in one area than any other hot spring resort in Hokkaido. Many hands and foot baths line the lakeside, giving you a chance to have a casual dip in the middle of a stroll. If you feel like staying the night, the Lake Toya Long-Run Fireworks run from late April to October and light up the sky every night. There are also plenty of great restaurants offering a variety of tasty cuisines from sushi and seafood to ramen and yakiniku (grilled meat, usually beef).

Lake Toya Onsen (Hot Springs)

142 Toyako Onsen, Toyako-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido