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If you have already visited Hokkaido several times with winter leisure and wishing to have chilling stay, this course will suggest you a bit different style. It starts and ends at Asahikawa airport so that it is easy to plan the trip with other itineraries. Having a bicycling around Asahikawa, you can see another face of the city. The trip contains visiting breweries, fruit gardens, and historical spots. It is an ideal course to learn the culture and local lives.

Kamuikotan Cycling Road Asahikawa

In order to maximize the feeling of nature and local atmosphere, cycling is a good measure. In Asahikawa, there are several cycling courses along rivers. One of them is the Kamuikotan course, which is approximately 20km-long one way. It starts with riding along Ishikari river, going down to JR Ino station, and the goal is formar station Kamuikotan. There is a mood that you cannot get with driving a car, or riding a train. It is also refreshing to stop in the middle of nowhere and plunge into nature.

Takasago Brewery

Takasago Brewery started in the end of the 19th century by a merchant from Fukushima prefecture. They gradually broadened their presence by utilizing snow strage, and making a brand “Kokushi Muso” in the 20th century. Unfortunately in the beginning of the 21st century, they had a financial crisis and they had to get support from the government. After getting stabilized again, Kokushi Muso received a golden prize in the national exhibition, and in addition, they started making sake based Ume shu (plum liqueur) which became a big hit. They have been producing many popular sake, as well as sake lees products such as cheesecakes.


17-chome, Miyashitadori, Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido

Papuya Village Tomino Fruits Garden

Papuya Village Tomino Fruits Garden has been open in Mashike town for over 60 years. However it is the northernmost land for apples and cherries in Japan, the climate is relatively moderate. Their fruits are grown with less agricultural chemicals so that it is friendly to all generations. If you are close to the garden, drop by and take a look!


359ー3Shokansawa, Mashike, Mashike District, Hokkaido

Mashike Fruit Winery

Mashike Fruit Winery produces apple ciders and pear sparkling wines. With the mineral water supply from Mt. Shokanbetsu, the land with good drainage, and the big temperature difference in a day create fruits with high sugar concentration. They brew the apples with skins on, and never add carbon dioxide, perfume, color, or sugar. Their natural manufacturing methods take time, but this is the secret for the taste. The flavor of products differs with the blend so that you can enjoy unique taste at each time.


184-2 Shokansawa, Mashike, Mashike District, Hokkaido

Mashike Historic Walk

Mashike town was the setting of the movie “STATION” with a Japanese famous actor Ken Takakura. The town has a nostalgic atmosphere unlike the cities, and it has an interesting history. Knowing the culture of Mashike will make a mere waking into a dramatic journey. Mashike in Ainu language means “a place with a lot of seagulls” since the birds gather to eat herrings in the sea. In such a port town, there are a lot of attractive spots. You can enjoy the local view with the train with only one cart, or a rental bicycle. Mashike is known for its huge catch of shrimps, and shrimp ramen is a popular local food. At the lighthouse of Mashike, you can see the panorama of Mashike port. There are plenty more historical stores and facilities in the town. Find your favorite places of Mashike!

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