Restaurant bi.blé: Classy French Cuisine in Biei – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Restaurant bi.blé is a French auberge-style inn located on a hill overlooking the vast wheat fields of Biei. With a boulangerie – specializing in delicious bread and pastries from the nearby wheat fields – a restaurant that uses only local ingredients, and cozy lodging facilities, this delightful spot offers a refined taste of the French countryside in rural Hokkaido. The boulangerie grinds Biei wheat using a stone mill on-site, then uses it to woodfire-bake a plethora of tasty treats, from croissants to bread rolls. Typically, all items sell out every day, so time is of the essence!

Restaurant bi.blé

921, Hokuei, Biei, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido