Ride Former Racehorses at the Niikappu Horoshiri Horse Riding Club – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

The Hidaka region of Hokkaido is the birthplace of many famous Japanese racehorses. Niikappu Horoshiri Horse Riding Club, located in Shinkan Town in the Hidaka region, is famous for being home to a variety of horse breeds, as well as a collection of retired racehorses. Visitors with a fondness for nature and animals should stop by this horse-riding club to view the horses lazily grazing in the fields. Or, for those seeking a more adventurous experience, why not book a horse ride and canter through the adjacent forests? If you happen to be visiting during Winter, horse riding is available all year round, so be sure to take a ride through the snow on the back of a lofty stead!

Niikappu Horoshiri Horse Riding Club

71-11 Seppucho, Niikappu, Niikappu-gun, Hokkaido