Rising Up From the Ocean: The Red Torii Gate of the Toyosaki Konpira Shrine – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

The village of Shosanbetsu is located along a stretch of the Sea of Japan’s coast. Running south to north, the Ororon Line transports people through the area. With the beautiful coast on one side, it is easy to see why droves of photographers have been making their way to Shosanbetsu. Especially popular is the red torii gates of the Toyosaki Konpira Shrine that stand alone and vibrantly off the coast of Cape Konpira. Why not visit this spot and try your hand at capturing the striking red structure contrasted against the beautiful blue sky and ocean? Or, maybe you are more of a romantic and would prefer shooting the setting sun glowing through the gate? Night owls might want to come out on a starry night and watch the torii be enveloped by the cosmos. Whatever your preference, the Toyosaki Konpira Shrine gates will not disappoint!

Toyosaki Konpira Shrine

Toyosaki, Shosambetsu, Tomamae-gun, Hokkaido