Sabo Kikuizumi: Hakodate’s Historic Farm House Serving Hakodate Cuisine – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

The old-world Western architecture, typical of the Motomachi area in Hakodate, helps give Sabo Kikuzumi farmhouse-cum-café its distinct charm. Remnants of the sake (all alcohol, not just rice wine) warehouse constructed in 1921 still remains, as does the hearth located in the center of the parlor which was part of the initial build. The café maintains the dining traditions of times gone by, requiring guests to take off their shoes at the entrance and seating them on tatami (floor mat) seats at low wooden tables. From here you can enjoy some delicious food with great views of the port. Traditional Hakodate dishes populate the menu – locally-sourced seafood, miso soup, tofu, and the highly-recommended omelets – along with seasonal desserts like fruit parfaits and zenzai (sweet red bean soup).

Sabo Kikuizumi

14-5 Motomachi Hakodate, Hokkaido