Savor Well-Priced and Mouthwateringly Fresh Seafood Bowls! – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Stop by Oshokuji Dokoro Sumire, a popular restaurant offering soba and tonkatsu (pork cutlet), as well as their much-loved voluminous seafood bowl, which comes topped with plentiful fresh local seafood, making it a must-try! Popular sets include the Gokubari-don, a bowl of rice topped with seafood and meat, and the Menmei mini-don, which pairs noodles with seafood, so that you can get a taste of both flavors at once! The freshness of the fish here is something you can only experience in a port town so get in line for a bowl of seafood heaven.

Oshokuji Dokoro Sumire

212-4  Onikakou-cho, Kodaira, Rumoi, Hokkaido