See the Sun Rise & Set While Cycling Kuromatsunai – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Kuromatsunai is the point in Japan where the Sea of Japan and the Pacific Ocean come closest together. And you’ll get the unique opportunity to cycle the coasts from east to west, following the sun as it rises and sets on this tour. You’ll depart from Shizukari Beach on the Pacific coast riding casually through the surrounding hills and the Tsukikoshi Pass before arriving at Shimamaki Village by the Sea of Japan. End this unforgettable tour with a delicious seafood meal at a local restaurant with a famous sunset view. The 47-kilometer route through the Kuromatsunai lowland can be tailored to your experience and needs.

Kuromatsunai, Utasai Beech Forest

545 Kuromatsunai, Sutts-Gun, Hokkaido

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