Sendai Clan Shiraoi Manor House Museum: Explore the Biggest Historical Fort in Hokkaido – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

The fort on the site of this museum, the Sendai Shiraoi Motojinya, was originally built in 1856 to protect Hokkaido from foreign invasion and was the center of the Shogun (feudal lord)’s headquarters for the region. When the fort was in operation, 150 to 200 samurai warriors from Sendai guarded the six gates that barred entry to the grounds. Today, come and visit the museum on site designed to replicate a traditional samurai residence! Here, you can discover a variety of artifacts and art from this historic period. While on the grounds, check out the guardhouse and gate site and a graveyard of samurai retainers who defended this fort.

Sendai Clan Shiraoi Manor

681-4 Jinyamachi, Shiraoi, Shiraoi-gun, Hokkaido