Shiretoko Pass: A Drive with Gorgeous Scenery – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

This pass (National Route 334) extends through the World Heritage Site of Shiretoko and connects Shari on the northwest side with Rausu on the southeast side. The stunning views along Shiretoko Pass, especially on a clear day, make it a popular driving course. You can look out over a sea of clouds in the Summer and be graced with the vibrant colors of the changing leaves come Autumn. A glimpse of the glorious Mount Rausu, the highest peak in the Shiretoko Mountains, will surely be a highlight of your trip as the towering mount still has snow even in late July! While the pass is closed for the Winter (from mid-November to April), the sight of it in late April is worth a special trip: the three-meter high walls of snow on both sides of the road are an absolute must-see.

Shiretoko Pass

29-8 Honmachi, Shari, Shari-gun, Hokkaido