Sightseeing on Snowshoes: A Wintery Stroll on Shiretokogo Lake – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

On this tour, you can enjoy a winter snowshoeing stroll atop the frozen waters of one of Shiretoko’s most popular tourist spots, Shiretokogo Lake. This three hour, three kilometer offers a unique experience that you can only enjoy in winter. Prepare to be awed by the majestic Shiretoko mountain range, including Mount Rausu, and the Sea of Okhotsk, which can be seen from the other side of the forest. Be aware that only middle school-aged persons and above will be sold tickets to this experience and a minimum of two people are required per group.

Shiretokogo Lake – Shinra

Onnebetsu, Shari, Shari-gun, Hokkaido