Soft, Chewy Rice Bread and Chiffon Cake at Sugiura Bakery – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Founded in 1996, this popular bakery is located in Bibai City, which is halfway between Sapporo and Asahikawa. The bakery specializes in rice flour breads and chiffon cakes, both created through trial and error after a local request to find a way to use off-specification rice. Their signature product is their rice chiffon cake, which contains 85% rice flour made with the local Oborozuki rice variety grown in Bibai. They also have a total of 60 types of rice flour bread and wheat bread on weekdays, and over 100 types on weekends. The soft and chewy texture of their bread is all the rage, so why not make a trip to Sugirua Bakery and try it yourself?

Sugiura Bakery

1192-5 Bibai, Hokkaido