Stand Above the Heavens and Observe a Sea of Clouds – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Sitting at an elevation of 680 meters above sea level, Lake Mashu Observatory 3 offers incredible views in the early morning hours. The Kussharo Caldera—the largest volcanic depression of its kind in Japan— lies to the west, while the Mashu Caldera—home of Lake Mashu—lies to the east.  With an experienced guide at your side, marvel at the sight of seas of clouds flowing into, filling, and then spilling from the two calderas. If the conditions are right, you’ll be treated to a double sea of clouds over both calderas—or even the magical sight of fog streaming like a waterfall into Lake Mashu.


Lake Mashu

Kawayu Kanko Hotel, 1-2-30 Kawayu Onsen, Teshikaga-cho, Kawakami-Gun, Hokkaido