Sushi Restaurant Tsubasa – Enjoy Raw Shishamo Smelt, Offered Only During the Fall Fishing Season – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Shishamo smelt is a fish, about 12-18 centimeters in length, that is found only along the Pacific coast of Hokkaido Prefecture. It has a rich flavor, despite being a white fish. While it tends to be eaten as himono (Japanese-style dried fish), it can be eaten raw during the fishing season from October to November. Sushi Restaurant Tsubasa is located in Hiroo Town, where smelt fishing is conducted. The restaurant, whose sushi master is known for his incredible technique, is one of those that serves raw smelt as sashimi and nigirizushi (hand-formed sushi) during this season. They also serve incredible sushi made with local seafood from the Tokachi area throughout the year.

Sushi Restaurant Tsubasa

3-2-5, Koen-dori Minami, Hiro-cho, Hiro-gun, Hokkaido