Taisho-Yu: Retro Architecture and Soothing Waters – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

These hot springs are located in a residential area on the Funami Slope of Mount Hakodate. Taisho-Yu was established in 1914 while the current building, dating back to 1928, has been designated as a significant piece of Hakodate architecture. The pink wooden exterior has a retro style that really suits the mixed Japanese-Western vibe of the city. As a recognizable and chic Hakodate historical sight, this building has also doubled as a backdrop for some famous movies. The public onsen (hot spring) offers a warm soak with an old-time feel, great for relaxing your tired legs after a stroll through Hakodate. As a hang-out spot for locals, you will be sure to feel the true vibe of the city in this historical gem.


14-9 Yayoicho, Hakodate, Hokkaido