Tanaka Shoten – Sweet Shrimp Ramen, Great for Shrimp Lovers! – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Tanaka Shoten is popular for its inventive ramen dishes, made with ingredients local to Mashike Town – for example, their sweet shrimp ramen, made with lots of fresh, locally harvested sweet shrimp, and sake kasu (sake lee) ramen, made with sake lees from Kunimare Sake Brewery. The curly noodles, made with wheat from Hokkaido and groundwater from the Shokanbetsudake Mountains, go perfectly with the rich broth. The sweet shrimp ramen is available in three flavors (salt/soy sauce/miso), and also in half-size. Has counter and table seats.

Ramen Shop Tanaka Shoten

1-16-2, Inaba-cho, Mashike-cho, Mashike-gun, Hokkaido