The English Countryside Right Outside of Sapporo – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Little Rock Hills is widely extolled as “the English countryside right outside of Sapporo.” With over 11 hectares of vast rolling hills, this grand fusion of forest, garden, and home is a beautiful slice of country life imported directly from England. Little Rock Hills’ owner, Nobuhiko Matsufuji, originally worked in Tokyo importing furniture and goods from England. Over the years, he sought to escape the hustle and bustle of Tokyo life and decided to purchase this land with the intent of creating a small village where he could pass the time at ease. He created this quaint English garden, trying his best to leave the geographical features of the forest as is. The house situated on the property was dismantled, imported from England, and rebuilt to serve as Mr. Matsufuji’s home. All of the tiles and sculptures within the home were also imported from the same part of England. Along with the home, Café Watoku Sekian, a 130-year-old stone warehouse from nearby Iwamizawa, also sits on the property. Visitors to the gardens can enjoy small one-plate lunches and desserts like the Devil’s Cheesecake if they stop into the cafe.

Little Rock Hills

684-2 Kurisawachō Kamihoro, Iwamizawa, Hokkaido