The Tastiest Village in Hokkaido: The Asahikawa Ramen Village – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

The Asahikawa Ramen Village is a collection of eight popular shops that serve Asahikawa-style ramen, one of the unique ramen varieties created in Hokkaido. Each restaurant has its own special take on the broth recipe, but the base remains the same: thick tonkotsu pork broth blended with soy sauce and seafood dashi. Asahikawa ramen noodles tend to be thin and firm, making for a delectable medley when slurped up with the thick and flavorful soup. The restaurants in the ramen village also serve up half-sizes for those looking to sample multiple shops’ recipes. Don’t forget to stop by the Ramen Village Shrine and the Ramen Bowl Bench for an adorable photo-op.

Asahikawa Ramen Village

4-119-48 Nagayama 11, Asahikawa, Hokkaido