This Treetop Adventure is Sure to Captivate Children and Adults Alike – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Traverse the treetops by all manner of methods at Forest Adventure Eniwa! This style of outdoor park, characterized by its seamless integration into its natural surroundings, originates from France. During the green season (Mid-April to Late-December) they host three different courses: the Adventure Course, for grown-ups with a burning spirit of adventure; the Canopy Course, designed for families to enjoy; and the Kids’ Course, aimed at children. In the winter season, (December to Mid-April) they host the Zip Trip Tour, where you can enjoy a 200-meter zipline glide through the air.

Forest Adventure Eniwa

Rurumappu Natural Park Furerando, 275 Nishishimatsu, Eniwa, Hokkaido