Touch Base with 60,000 White-Fronted Geese – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

The Miyajimanuma Wetlands are a large swath of shallow swampland in Bibai City and have been designated as a Ramsar Convention Wetland, which is an international effort to conserve and sustain wetlands around the globe. The main reason this spot has been designated as a conservation site is that it’s a major stopover point for over 60,000 white-fronted East Asian geese. The geese gather in these wetlands twice a year; during spring (from mid-to late-April) and fall (from late-September to early-October). It is a spectacular sight to see thousands of migrant birds take off and land in unison. Birdwatchers should try not to miss the negura dachi(group takeoff) in the early morning, or the negura-iri (group landing) during dusk hours. These beautiful birds outlined against the rising and setting sun is an unforgettable sight.

Miyajimanuma Wetlands

Omagari, Nishibibai-cho, Bibai, Hokkaido