Travel Back in Time at the Matsumae Samurai Residence – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Take a trip back in time at Matsumae’s lavishly recreated samurai residence. Fourteen traditional buildings are situated around the park, including the Matsumae Domain’s samurai residence, merchant shops, the Okinokuchi magistrate’s office, a traditional inn, and a seafood warehouse. The attention to detail used to recreate each location allows visitors to feel like they’ve traveled back in time. Visitors can also play the part by dressing up and traversing the residence in costume. Participants can experience what it was like to live in the Edo Period by dressing as a general, a foot soldier, a lord, or a princess.

Matsumae Samurai Residence

68, Nishidate, Matsumae, Matumae-gun, Hokkaido