Treat Yourself to Seasonal Sweets as You Learn the Art of Traditional Japanese Confectionery – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Whether you are flying out of New Chitose Airport or can make the one-hour drive from Sapporo, you should not miss this exciting and delicious workshop on Japanese sweets. Guided by the award-winning confectioner Mr. Morishita, participants will learn how to make three different sweets using ingredients from Hokkaido over the course of the hour-long tutorial. As an added bonus to this already unique experience, the ingredients you use will vary depending on the season of your trip. If you plan to make multiple trips to Hokkaido, you can enjoy this same workshop several times throughout the year with different flavors and aesthetics. Once you have created your own sweet treats to match the color of the season, then enjoy your creations as part of a traditional tea ceremony or take them home as a gift.