Try Liberty Hill Hirose Farm’s Gelato, Made with Farm Fresh Raw Milk – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Hirose Farm , which has been raising dairy cows for generations in Obihiro, runs a gelato store using ingredients straight from their farm. The freshly squeezed raw milk is pasteurized to produce gelato that is fresh, safe, and full of rich flavor! The store makes 14 types of gelato daily, including “The Farm’s Milk”, which allows customers to enjoy the simple taste of the milk. The fruit and vegetables used are organic and pesticide-free and are produced in-house or at nearby farms. They offer the highest in both food safety and flavor. What are you waiting for? Give this delicious and healthy gelato a try!

Liberty Hill Hirose Farm – Uemon’s Heart

1-13 Nishi 23-jo, Obihiro, Hokkaido