Try Toteppo’s All-Hokkaido All-Natural Cheesecake – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

The Tokachi Toteppo Factory is a cheesecake shop that uses only natural cheeses made in Tokachi. A cafe attached to the shop makes it so that visitors can easily sample their wares. The most popular items to buy are the “Three Fromage” set (cream cheese, fresh cheese, and mascarpone) or the Fromage Camembert. All of the cheese used in Toteppo’s “Natural Cheesecake” is 100% Hokkaido-made. In fact, all of the milk, heavy cream, fermented butter, eggs, wheat, and sugar are also Hokkaido-produced, showing just how dedicated this shop is to using select ingredients.

Tokachi Toteppo Factory

3-1 W6 S17, Obihiro, Hokkaido