Visit Biei’s Picturesque Patchwork Fields – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

The hills of Biei have long been adored by tourists and photographers for their patchwork of changing colors. Created by farmers planting different crops, such as potatoes and wheat, alongside each other, these multicolored fields are known for their picturesque quilt-like display. Framed by trees which oscillate from the pink of Spring cherry blossoms to the mossy green of Summer to the vermillion and golden hues of Autumn, the fields have inspired Japanese media throughout the decades. While in Biei, why not visit the “Ken and Mary Tree,” a stately poplar which was a focal point of a popular 1972 advertisement? When sightseeing in this beautiful rural area, travel is most convenient by car, bus, or rental bicycle. Because of crop rotation, the scenery in Biei will never be the same from year to year so visitors can keep returning and never tire of the changing hillsides!

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