Visit the Edge of Japan at Cape Sukai – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Cape Sukai, on Rebun Island approximately 30 miles from the northern tip of the Hokkaido mainland, has a rugged and beautiful coastal landscape. This hidden spot effectively sits at the edge of Japan, not too far from Russian national territory, From Cape Sukai, the brilliant blue waters are so clear in the hotter months of the year you can virtually see right down to the seafloor. Looking out from the quiet sandy cove, you might swear that you’ve washed ashore on a long-lost prehistoric island. As with many remote lands, Rebun harbors unique biodiversity, particularly in the realm of wildflowers with around 300 different species. In the summer, gentle breezes bring with them the floral fragrance of blooming wildflowers; which is an absolute feast for the senses. In honor of the abundant plant life, there is also an annual flower festival held on the island. 


Cape Sukai

Funadomarimura , Rebun-cho, Rebun-gun, Hokkaido