Watch Beautiful Lake Kussharo Vanish Before Your Eyes – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Tsubetsu Pass is located on the border of Tsubetsu and Teshikaga Towns and offers 360-degree panoramic views across Lake Kussharo. The pass is the ideal place to take in a majestic view all the way from the Sea of Okhotsk, along the Shiretoko Ranges, and to the peaks of the Daisetsu Ranges. The road leading to the pass is open from June to October and, if the weather and other conditions are right, you may be lucky enough to see a vast Sea of Clouds arising from Lake Kussharo. The observation area is closed in the early hours of the morning, so taking a guided tour that allows you to fully enjoy the Sea of Clouds from the observation deck is highly recommended.

Tsubetsu Pass

Tsubetsu Pass, Kamisato, Tsubetsu Town, Abashiri-gun, Hokkaido