Watch the Sunset over the Pacific from this Cute Cafe – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Does watching the sunset over the ocean from a chic cliff-side café sound like a dream? Then the Tsubaki Salon Yuyake in Okaribe is worth dropping by. A drive down National Route 235 will bring you to this luxurious two-story waterfront building. The name “Yuyake,” means sunset in Japanese, and this cafe specializes in offering front-row seats every evening. Indeed, there is no lighting at any of the seats, meaning the café closes once the sun has set. The open-concept architecture and large windows that face the ocean offer a panoramic view of the landscape and ensure plenty of natural light. Take a window seat and pamper yourself with cakes and seasonal parfaits, or brave the cold and head out onto the terrace to enjoy drinks and desserts during the golden hour. Either way, the beautiful landscape bathed in an orange-blue gradation is well worth the visit to this quaint cafe. If you are just driving by, the take-out only house sandwich is also very popular.

Tsubaki Salon Yuyake

77-1 Okaribe, Niikappu-cho, Niikappu-gun, Hokkaido