Witness the Soothing Nature of Northern Hokkaido’s Wilderness at Wakkanai City Onuma Bird House – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

This recreational observation spot, charmingly built in a log-house style, was created for the purposes of learning about nature through activities, such as observing the wild birds flying into Onuma or identifying the flora of the surrounding areas. The best time to visit this calming oasis in in late Spring (late March to early May) or Fall (early October to late November) when thousands of swans can be observed here resting at Onuma en route to Siberia or as a return rest stop on their way to their wintering grounds. Don’t miss the cute photo spot shaped like a swan, where you can capture your memories of the power of Northern Hokkaido’s natural world.

Wakkanai City Onuma Bird House (Wild Bird Observation Center)

Koetoimura Wilderness, Koetoimura, Wakkanai, Hokkaido