World-Class Craftsmanship at Its Finest in Asahikawa – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Asahikawa is often referred to as the “City of Furniture,” and is home to some of the top furniture manufacturers in Japan. The thick forests surrounding Asahikawa are an incredible trove of high-quality wood, resources that the manufacturers often draw from to make their products. Asahikawa’s motto “design is a constant pursuit” rings loud and clear in terms of its furniture production. Whether it’s through the advanced techniques used by artisans or the creative designs born from the area, it is undeniable that craft and design are at the forefront. The Asahikawa Design Center features a lineup of furniture from over 30 different local manufacturers and is well worth a visit.

Asahikawa Design Center

10-1-35 2jo, Nagayama, Asahikawa, Hokkaido