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Sister festival star festival

(Information provider:Guutabi Hokkaido)

You can enjoy astronomical observation using the 65 cm folk type reflection astronomical telescope at the observatory

Let's give your name to the star you found on the observatory

Every year in early August, the "Sanchiibetsu Festival" will be held in which the observatory will be open free of charge. During the day observation of sun and bright stars, PET bottle rocket production classroom · flight competition (capacity 30 people) will be held. Also planned to screen the planetarium. After sunset, you can start astronomical telephoto from 19 o'clock and you can observe Saturn, Moon, Summer Great Triangle etc with a full-scale astronomical telescope. On the day of the event, we will be hosting a fireworks display at "Misakidai Park Tourist Plaza" from around 20:30 on the evening festival (planned) of "Shinsiburu Misaki Festival".


location Shobunsetsu Observatory (Hayami Setsunomura Toyooko Cape 153 - 7)
contact 0164-67-2539 (Shinsetsu Observatory) 0164-67-2136 (Hayatayama Bungo Board of Education)
event date 2019.08.03
Price Usually 200 yen for adults, 100 yen for junior high school students (Festival on the day free open)
how to access Approximately 4 hours by car from Sapporo city, Coastal bus Limited express railway riders 3 hours 30 minutes
Parking Lot There 150 cars · Free / Misaki Tai park parking lot use ※ Because traffic regulations are done during fireworks launch, after 18 o'clock, you can not enter or exit by fire until the end of fireworks
Other · On a sunny day, the Shibuya Observatory will face the Sea of ​​Japan with Rishiri Fuji (Ezo Fuji) backed and you can look at the setting sunset. The hotel with natural hot springs, road station, auto camping place, bungalow, beach, park golf course, barbecue house etc are located within 5 minutes by car by car. · For those who wish to raise a wedding ceremony at the Observatory, we are conducting a "prestar wedding" to a limited extent (* necessary consultation).