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The 32nd Jozankei Onsen Stream Carp streamer

(Information provider:Guutabi Hokkaido)

It began in 1986 and is 31st this year. On the day of child's day, he raises a carp streamer above the Toyohira River

About 400 carp streamers swim in the sky of the hot spring city Spring Festival

At Jozankei Onsen which is also said to be the hot spring of Sapporo, "Jozankei Onsen Stream Carp streamer" will be held for about 1 month from Saturday, April 14, 2018 to Sunday May 6, 2018. Approximately 400 carp streamers offered by everyone in Hokkaido are relaxing swimming in hot spring towns, Jozankei shrine, footbath facilities and so on has become established as a spring poetry in Hokkaido. The colorful carp streamers swimming in the sky excite the excitement of spring and entertain the eyes of many visitors.


location Sapporo City Minami-ku Jozankei hot springs East 3
contact 011-598-2012 (Jozankei Tourism Association)
event date 2020.04.01 ~ 2020.05.06
Price free entrance
how to access From Sapporo take Route 230 to the south. 50 minutes by car
Parking Lot There 30 cars · Free