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2017 fluffy summer festival

(Information provider:Guutabi Hokkaido)

One big event in summer in Shenzhen!

Dream in an umbrella, flower in the sky. The heart is exciting Shenzhen's summer

"2017 Fukagawa Summer Festival" will be held at the center of Shenzhen city center area and the riverbed of the Ishikari River. Children's plaza and stall plaza open, as well as children Bon Odori & Adult Bon Odori who can jump in. Besides that, Slow Food Festa, Lottery Drawing, Shan Shan Umbrella Dance and so on are done. At the Ishikari River riverbed, the stall square will be opened and the largest fireworks display in the Sorachi area will be held. Please enjoy the gourmet of Shenzhen and the gorgeous fireworks!


location Fukagawa central city area, Ishikari Riverside river
contact 0164-22-3146 (Fukagawa Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
event date 2019.07.27 ~ 2019.07.28
how to access About 10 minutes by car from Shenzhen IC
Parking Lot There 1,000 units, no material ※ There is a parking lot